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Good Advice from Former Student Teachers

A lot of higher educations at the Faculty of Arts use student teachers as a part of the teaching program. This site provide general advice that can be used in most cases. The advice is especially useful for new student teachers.

  • Find your own style of teaching
  • Make the most of your interests and teach the topics you are passionate about
  • Try something new in your teaching and step outside the traditional framework 
  • Teach in the same way you want to be taught
  • Make sure you balance the expectations of the class and the teacher
  • Don’t spend too much time teaching in front of the blackboard – make the students present things at the blackboard instead
  • Set aside some time to discuss topics which interest the students
  • Give clear information about the way exercises will be conducted
  • Use discussion groups and group work to boost the students’ confidence – it’s easier to answer a question in front of the class if you have discussed your answer with other people first
  • Planning the teaching is more time-consuming than you think
  • Use the students’ questions to increase your own understanding
  • Learn the names of your students. Then you can stop saying ‘you’ and pointing, and the gap between you and the students will be reduced
  • Find someone – a teacher, other student teachers or a student – to use as a sounding board for the discussion of academic questions
  • You are part of a team of teachers, so don’t speak badly about members of academic staff in front of students
  • Don’t get upset if things don’t go to plan. Things will go better next time, and you will have learned something about teaching
  • Enjoy your teaching!