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Search Exercise with Student Teachers

Subject: Art History. Course: Introductory course in information search, part of student teacher class (voluntarily). Study level: BA, 2nd semester. Class size: appr. 45. 

Motivation for the activity

The activity has been developed to optimise the search for information, which the students will be offered on an on-going basis throughout their degree programme.

Central learning outcomes for the activity

The activity is just-in-time teaching before the first exam assignment.

The goal is to incorporate good study habits in students. This work is already performed by the student teachers. In this course, the library’s teaching of information searches will be followed up by exercises during the student teacher course to prepare the students for their first assignment.

Description of the activity

A librarian gives a presentation on 'the bibliographical universe' and the information search process.

After this, subject relevant assignments are set - with special consideration of the desire to be better to search on particular subjects in the journal database, which the students directly requested.

After the assignment is completed the librarian carries out a logbook exercise in collaboration with the student teachers. The student teachers have formulated a literature search exercise within the students’ independent chosen topic. The students must solve the search exercise and at the same time log their experiences, frustrations and questions.

The students then publish their logbooks on the subject’s LMS, after which the student teachers edit an overall bibliography to help with the coming exam.

The next lesson features a joint recap, review of common issues relating to search techniques and an assessment of the course.

Reflections on the activity 

The student teachers have to be practised literature searchers - otherwise they must be well-prepared for the process by the librarian.

It is important that there is criticism and follow-up, if the students have overlooked resources or opportunities.


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