Student Teachers in Language Courses

Subject: Scandinavian Languages and Literature. Subject: Danish Morphology and Syntax. Study level: Bachelor. Class size: 35-40.

Motivation for the activity

A grammar subject such as "Danish morphology and syntax' consists of a relatively heavy course of learning concepts and systems, which therefore requires training and even more training. This training is something that the student teachers to a great extent supplement with.

The objective of the activity

The student teacher lessons are a way of increasing the number of training fields and workouts for the students. The more informal space gives the students the opportunity and time to ask those 'stupid questions'. The student teaching can thus relieve the pressure on the lecturer both in relation to having to repeat explanations and using additional teaching time on regular training.

Description of the activity

In brief, “Student teachers in language courses" is about the teaching being supplemented by student teacher led instruction which primarily focuses on training the students' grammatical skills. This means reviewing regular grammar exercises that can have the character of training skills.

The student teacher instruction is not a part of the compulsory teaching, but it gives the students the opportunity to have the material explained again and in different words, and they get extra training in the individual disciplines. It is a form of peer-to-peer training as the student teacher should preferably be found in an earlier year group.

In collaboration with a student teacher it is important to spend time on clarifying the following prior to the start of the semester:

  • Roles: The student teacher is a kind of assistant trainer; that is, you should not expect the student teacher to find relevant literature to provide perspective, but that the student teacher must follow up on the key points of the teaching and re-explain, review and explain associated exercises and possibly supplement with additional exercises
  • The material: The student teacher follows the teacher’s teaching plans and interpretation of the material and will, of course, be kept updated on any deviations from the plan, criticism of the text book or the like.

Reflections on the activity

The student teacher must feel

  • well equipped to provide instruction and explain in relation to the lecturer’s plan and method
  • as if he or she are a part of the course immediately and should be written into the semester plan from the outset.

This requires good cooperation, openness and sparring on theory, sets of exercises and proposed solutions.

The student teacher should be presented in the first lesson and, if possible, also attend (parts of) the teaching.

It may also be the student teacher’s job to facilitate study groups and offer advice on how to be "a good university student in this subject".


Tina Thode Hougaard

Associate professor