Facilitating Study Groups

Subject: Educational Psychology. Study level: Master’s 1st semester. Class size: Max. 40-50 students per lecturer.

Motivation for the activity

The Study Environment Survey 2008 at Aarhus University showed little well-being among the students. That set this project in motion. We wanted to examine whether facilitation could be used to promote well-being. Through various iterations of the project we have reached the model described below.

Description of the activity

The activity consists of three hours of teaching in facilitation with two embedded exercises in which the students themselves facilitate a meeting in the study group. The three hours require that you have already established study groups. In our experience, between 8 and 10 is the optimum size for this type of study group, which are actually study groups and not project groups. In other words study groups where you help each other to read the syllabus and do not have to produce a joint product.

Following the teaching the students themselves are charged with the work in the study groups, which will be facilitated by each member in turn.

Outcome of the activity

  • Well-functioning study groups
  • Better preparation for teaching
  • Better interaction between the students
  • Improved well-being.


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