Scheduled Group Assignments

Subject: Comparative Literature. Course: Masterpieces and the Early Modern period. Study level: Bachelor 1st semester. Class size: max. 25.

Motivation for the activity

Study skills must be trained. In this regard scheduled activities between the class room sessions are important for students to become full-time students instead of just 'doing their homework'. This requires that such activities stem from the courses and lead back to the courses.

Principles for the activity 

  • The course must be guided by a person who takes on a personal visibility and responsibility  for everything that is taking place. The course must not appear just to be an activity that is required by the exam regulations which I as the teacher can hide behind. This is MY course for and with YOU. This approach promotes discussion on the responsibility for learning in general, also for the students, in order to evaluate and be critical and to have confidence in making changes and adjustments.
  • The activities between the sessions are part of the active study participation  beyond the 75% attendance required by the exam regulations. They must be clearly relevant for the established learning objectives, that is not only referring to the material to be presented but to the academic study activity such as e.g. information searches, taking notes and  formulating questions ahead of class.
  • They must be clearly defined in volume so that they correspond to what it means to prepare (for a class), and so the students become aware of the time consumption.
  • There must be clear deadlines and sufficient practical guidelines.
  • They must be followed up on - everything must be used more or less during  sessions, deadlines and instructions must be observed and activities must be checked, messages must be given immediately and comments made to the groups if for some reason this cannot be done during sessions. My responsibility for the course must be evident here.

The AULA e-learning course room organises the class activities. In addition to the course programme with dates and texts and a few keywords for what will take place in lessons, a clear definition of all tasks and activities with dates must be in place from the beginning. 

Outcome of the activity

  • High level of activity
  • Almost no drop-outs
  • Good evaluations
  • The sessions can be more open when activities, instructions etc. are tightly organised in the course room.

Materials from the course Masterpieces



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