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Subject: History. Project: Danmarkshistorien.dk. Study level: all. Class size: none

Motivation for the activity

The communication project danmarkshistorien.dk was not motivated by educational considerations, but by the desire to use the Internet to communicate Danish History to the Danish population as a whole. Along the way a number of students have, however, been involved in the project both during and outside the teaching and one of the successes has been the beneficial student activities that have been derived.

Description of the activity

In general, the project danmarkshistorien.dk emphasises on involving the students in all contexts where this makes sense. Here are examples of student involvement:

  • Paid student assistance provides students with an academically relevant student job, which there are not many of in Aarhus in general
  • Several of the students have written articles for danmarkshistorien.dk, and have received editorial support from the project during this process
  • Communication teaching and courses are based on the project and are focused on the production of material for the website. Competence development courses are held for graduates where the project is a "case" for teaching project work
  • A number of students have been involved in the development of the game Magtens Segl (in Danish)
  • Several former students have been employed in subsidised jobs after completing their education.

Outcome of the activity 

The project has given the history degree programme a specific tool that can be used on a wide range of levels in relation to the students. By, as it were, possessing its own communication activities, the degree programme is able to offer the students something specific that they can become involved in and contribute to, which provides the opportunity of targeted activities both in and outside of the classroom.



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