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Didactic perspectives on university teaching

As a teacher you have to keep many different factors in mind when planning your teaching. We have identified and organized some of the factors into a number of generic didactic themes.

Each theme is described in a didactic context by an expert from the Center for Educational Development and Digital Media. For each theme you will find concrete tools, teaching plans and examples of practice to use in your teaching. In addition, you will find suggestions for further readings within the specific theme.

We hope the content will inspire didactic reflections in relations to your teaching and form the basis for dialogue and discussions - both among colleagues and across academic disciplines at the university. If you need any help, feedback or further guidance feel free to contact us.

Here is a list of the themes:



Resources for students

AU Educate’s sister site, AU Studypedia, is a study tool for all students at the Faculty of Arts covering e.g. writing assignments, searching for literature and study-related working methods.