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Contrete tools for teaching

As a teacher, you can create variety in your teaching by using different types of activities. Variety has a motivating effect on the students, and by adding different activities you will create space for reflection and dialogue, innovation and experiments, idea generation and knowledge sharing. This will strengthen both the teaching and the students’ learning processes.

Teaching activities can be diverse, but their main purpose is to motivate and encourage development and learning no matter the form and content of the activities.

AU Educate offers inspiration and concrete tools to use in practice. You can incorporate the tools as activities to help the students achieve the curricular aims and demonstrate knowledge of content and methods. You just have to keep in mind that the form, content and function of the activities have to be clear to the students in order for the academic relevance not to disappear. Besides having academic value, the teaching activities are usually experienced as fun and interesting by the students. The activities create a positive and motivating teaching environment emphasizing a sense of community, pleasure, humour and openness. 

Using the tools

The tools should be seen as inspiration for concrete teaching practices. You can implement the activity directly in your teaching or modify the activity to your specific aim, content or discipline. The tools are concrete and easy to incorporate across different disciplines as well. Most of the tools contain handouts or other materials for you to use directly in your teaching.




Resources for students

AU Educate's sister site, the Studypedia, is a study tool for all students at the Faculty of Arts covering writing assignments, searching for literature and study-related working methods. Studypedia and AU Educate are run and maintained by the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media