Argumentation exercise

Brief description

This exercise helps the students in the writing process by focusing on the arguments they use in their assignments. The exercise can be used for the entire assignment as an independent argument, or for specific parts of the assignment when necessary.

Motivation for the exercise and required outcome

The exercise shows the students that Toulmin’s model of argument can help them to improve their assignments as a whole, as well as improving individual elements of these assignments. The exercise will also enable teachers to spot any gaps in argumentation along the way, as well as providing the opportunity for feedback which can improve assignments.

Performing the exercise

  • The students carry out the exercise as well as they can and use it as a tool in the writing process and as a discussion paper in connection with supervision and feedback.
  • The answers can be explained and changed along the way as students grow more knowledgeable about their assignment and field.

Variation options

  • When it has been completed, the model of argument for a student assignment can be used as a tool in a peer feedback process.
  • The model can also be used as the point of departure for an oral presentation or discussion – either with the entire class, or in groups.
  • The speed-dating exercise can be used to fill in the points about data and warrant.

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