Skriftlig eksamen: Guidelines for Master's Thesis

Course title: MA Thesis Guidance. Level: MA (KA). Course size: individual or small groups.

Central learning outcomes

In the evaluation of exam performance, emphasis is placed on the extent to which the student:

  • Is able to identify, define and analyse a relevant academic issue.
  • Is able to consider and makes conclusions on and assessments of an academically defined subject.
  • Selects and uses relevant primary and secondary literature.
  • Is able to relate critically to applied sources, theories and methods.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with standard principles for academic methodology and skills in applying theory and methodology in order to independently define and deal with issues within the selected area.
  • Is able to present an academic subject to an audience in an appropriate manner.

Description of the activity

I send the ”Guidelines for beginning your MA Thesis” (word) to the student a couple of weeks (sometimes longer) before the first supervision session. The student is required to fill in the guideline and return it. It then forms the basis for the first meeting.


Students are much better prepared to start the long haul that an MA thesis involves. They feel somewhat more confident about their own ideas, on the one hand, and have a better overview of the process, on the other hand.

Guidelines for the student


Jody Pennington