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Teaching by student teachers


Teaching by student teachers requires clear alignment between student teachers and the teacher to ensure that the teaching by student teachers becomes a relevant supplement to the classroom teaching, based on the preconditions and needs of the students. It is important to bear in mind that student teachers do not have an overall understanding of the academic subject; however, they often have an immediate understanding of the difficult aspects of the course concerned.


Preparing teaching by student teachers

The teaching provided by student teachers should be planned based on the expectations and agreements of the teachers and student teachers involved in the course concerned. If several student teachers are involved in the course, it may be helpful for them to coordinate their work and exchange experience. Student teachers must be made familiar with the learning objectives, syllabus, and form of examination of the course. Most of this may already be clarified and explained in the preliminary interview between you as the teacher and the student teacher. It is essential to establish a clear structure in the student teacher’s teaching activity to ensure that this supports the students’ acquisition of the learning outcome of the course. It must be made clear to both the student teacher and the students what they must learn and which activities support the learning process.

Activities in the teaching provided by student teachers

During the teaching provided by student teachers, the students work actively with course content. This work can be structured in many different ways: student presentations, group discussions or the performing of tasks, for instance. Since student teachers have usually completed the course in question themselves, they tend to have a good understanding of which themes are perceived as being difficult and require greater attention during their teaching. However, it will still be relevant to enter into dialogue with the students regarding their wishes and needs as regards the teaching by student teachers. Moreover, it will also be relevant to enquire into the preconditions of the students as well as their interests and skills regarding the course.

Student teachers are not trained teachers

Student teachers are often selected on the basis of being skilled in their field. It is important to bear in mind that student teachers are students themselves and so cannot give an extra lecture on a complicated topic – this is the task of the teacher. Many new student teachers are worried that the students expect them to be able to answer all questions. But this is not expected of them. Relevant difficult questions can be forwarded to the teacher responsible for the course, or examined in collaboration with the students taking the class.


Overvej som underviser

  • What are my expectations to the work of the student teachers, and how does this affect my own teaching activities?
  • For which topics, working methods, exercises etc. will the students need extra help?
  • Which specific activities that enable the students to work actively with the course content may be facilitated by a student teacher?



    Examples of practice

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