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Thesis preparation

A Takeaway Teaching course which prepares students for writing their thesis

Thesis preparation

The purpose of the thesis preparation course is to prepare students for thesis writing – or in other words, to 'warm the students up' before the final semester begins.

The course is built around 5 different elements: the thesis framework and ideas, thesis research problem, thesis design, thesis literature, thesis process and supervision

Each element includes different activities for the students – both individual activities and group activities. The course also includes a working portfolio and a learning log, which the teacher can decide how to facilitate. These tools are designed for the students to save their work and their reflections for use in the thesis writing process.

Developed by Stacey Marie Cozart and Hanne Balsby Thingholm, CUDiM

Video about the teaching plan: A good start to the thesis preparation (english subtitles)



    Examples of practice

      Hear Jakob Egeris Thorsen talk about his experiences of using the Thesis course.


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