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Get inspired to support study strategies in your teaching

Our takeaway teaching plans are courses that have been developed by experts according to general didactic principles for you to incorporate into your own teaching. The courses focus on developing study competencies and consist of 3-6 elements, each of which contains activities and exercises that you must adapt based on your subject. The teaching plans are therefore neither an independent course that the students run through themselves, nor a finished teaching course that you can just 'play'.

You can incorporate the course in several ways, for example in the teaching session or as part of the students' preparation between the teaching sessions.

Why use the takeaway teaching plans?

The overall purpose of the takeaway teaching is for students to get better through their studies and strengthen their academic competences. From our research, we know that self-regulated learning, where the students are aware of how they best study, and how they develop and regulate their own study strategies, is effective in relation to this. The academic outcome of the students. As a consequence, the course focuses on academic competences across disciplines and fields of study which both the lecturer and the students must relate to their own specific academic competences.

  • helps to improve the study strategies of students
  • is facilitated by teachers and carried out in collaboration with students
  • can be incorporated by teachers in their own teaching practice
  • teachers can redesign and amend the form and content to suit the subject content of the teaching