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Examples of good teaching

At AU Educate, we want to make visible all the good teaching that takes place at Aarhus University. We do this to inspire other educators to develop their teaching. By looking at examples of what others have done and what worked particularly well in practice, we believe that other teachers can find it easier to try out new initiatives and activities in their teaching.

That is why we need you as a teacher to share your good experiences with us. It does not have to be revolutionary to qualify. It must very well be an example of something where the students got a particularly good return or where you made some good experiences. If you are in doubt about whether you have a relevant contribution, contact the editorial staff.


Create your contribution in pure

You can create your contribution in Pure as a communication contribution / Net publication with AU Educate as publisher. If you link to your contribution on AU Educate, others can see your text from your pure profile.

We also retrieve your information via pure (unless you make us aware that you do not want it) so other educators can see that it is your contribution.


How can you contribute?

You contribute to AU Educate by describing an activity or course from your teaching practice. We are happy to give you sparring to angle and convey your contribution in the best possible way, but you are also very welcome to download the contribution form below, fill it out and send it to the editors when you are ready. We always do an editorial review of the text and let you know when it has come online.


Visit AU Studypedia

AU Educate's sister site, the Studypedia, is a study tool for all students at the Faculty of Arts covering writing assignments, searching for literature and study-related working methods. Studypedia and AU Educate are run and maintained by the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media.