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AU Educate is a digital resource to support university teaching 

AU Educate is primarily addressed to university teachers as a source of inspiration to develop their teaching practice at the university. Teaching development does not only concern didactic competencies as a teacher, but is also closely connected to the development and learning process of the students. This is what we collectively characterize as educational competencies.

Content and Structure

University teachers have to consider many different factors in relation to their teaching. These factors involve didactic reflections and considerations that are related to university teaching and pedagogy. AU Educate characterize these factors as a number of general didactic themes, which are briefly described from a didactic context and organized in following formats: 

  • Activities: General exercises and activities which can be directly applied in your teaching.
  • Teaching plans: Takeaway Teaching: Activities stringed in a teaching plan to strengthen the study competencies of the students. All plans are generic and can easily be modified to suit your subject area. 
  • Examples of practice: Descriptions of other teachers’ experiences with specific teaching activities or exercises.

Editors of AU Educate

AU Educate is a resource that allows teachers to be inspired by one another’s experience and reflect on their own didactic choices. The resource also gives the opportunity to include and get inspired to use different learning activities and teaching plans in current teaching practices and consider the use of digital media within and outside the classroom.

The Editorial Team

The content of AU Educate is developed by the editorial team in close collaboration with university teaching and pedagogy specialists at the Center for Teaching Development and Digital Media. Teachers at Aarhus University also contribute materials to the ressource by sharing their experiences and examples of practice. The editors includes:

  • Pernille Elving, project leader of AU Educate

  • Hanne Balsby Thingholm, project leader of Teaching plans: Takeaway Teaching

  • Anders Hjortskov Larsen, communication editor

  • Student editors:
    • Pernille Ellehage
    • Louise Hahn Lauridsen
    • Rasmus Hansen

AU Educate was originally founded as “Undervisermetro” in 2011 as a part of Aarhus University’s resources to improve the study environment. It was further developed and redesigned to become “AU Educate” in the fall of 2016. 


Resources for students

AU Educate's sister site, AU Studypedia, is a study tool for all students at the Faculty of Arts covering e.g. writing assignments, searching for literature and study-related working methods.


The photos on AU Educate are from the photo unit at AU Communication and were taken by: Lars Kruse, Jesper Rais, Roar Paaske, Poul Ib Henriksen, Lise Balsby, Anders Trærup, Søren Kjeldgaard, Martin Gravgaard, Maria Randima or Simon Jeppesen. Photos from Colourbox.com have also been used.