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At AU Educate, you can find inspiration for planning and carrying out your teaching.

At AU Educate, you can find inspiration for your teaching as a university lecturer and learn more about relevant topics within university teaching. You can be inspired by the practice of others, test other teaching activities than usual, or focus on study competences through already designed courses. We hope that the content can inspire your teaching and create a fertile ground for reflection, dialogue and development.

AU Educate contains brief introductions to:

  • Teaching methods: Here you can read about the most common forms of teaching at the university, and be inspired by their opportunities and challenges.
  • Focus Areas: Here you can be inspired by different focus areas that are relevant for university teaching, regardless of the academic skills you come from.

In addition, AU Educate contains the following four formats:

  • Activities: Test new concrete activities in your teaching. The activities are described briefly and concisely, so that you can take them directly into your own practice and adapt them to your subject.
  • Examples of practice: see what experiences other teaching staff have done in their teaching practice. Here, the lecturers describe their own experiences and benefits.
  • Teaching plans: Integrate course, which spans several teaching times and focuses on study competences. The courses have been developed by professionals and can be adapted to your teaching.
  • Teaching with technology: use technology meaningfully, both before, during and after the teaching. Here you will find suggestions for how to use selected digital tools in your teaching.

The editorial team behind AU Educate

AU Educate is managed by Centre for Educational Development (CED) at Aarhus Universitetet. We are an editorial team consisting of:

The content on AU Educate is created by the editorial staff and the experts at CED, as well as teachers and scientists from across Aarhus University. If you are interested in sharing your teaching experiences, please read more about contributing to AU Educate.

AU Educate was originally created in 2011 as "Undervisermetro", as a part of Aarhus University's work with improving the study environment at the faculty of Arts. The website has since been developed into a platform that works across and cooperates with all faculties of the university .

Technical problems

AU Educate is currently experiencing technical issues with the dynamic content and navigation. Some of the elements will be accessible as long as you have functional cookies enabled in your browser, which is prompted where relevant. Please bear with us as we attempt to fix the problem - we are working hard to fix it.

Resources for students

AU Educate's sister site, AU Studypedia, is a study tool for all students at the Faculty of Arts covering e.g. writing assignments, searching for literature and study-related working methods.


The photos on AU Educate are from the photo unit at AU Communication and were taken by: Lars Kruse, Jesper Rais, Roar Paaske, Poul Ib Henriksen, Lise Balsby, Anders Trærup, Søren Kjeldgaard, Martin Gravgaard, Maria Randima or Simon Jeppesen. Photos from Colourbox.com have also been used.