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Project placement

A Takeaway Teaching course on using your academic competences in practice

Project placement

The purpose of the theme Project placement – using your academic competences in practice is to offer to the students a number of activities which will open their eyes to how their academic and personal competences benefit and inspire a concrete practice.

The theme consists of three elements, each of which constitutes one teaching session:

  1. Before the students’ internship
  2. During the students’ internship
  3. After the students’ internship

A number of activities are included in each teaching session. These involve the students’ progression in the process and continuously call their attention to how they are using their concrete academic competences in practice. During the process, the activities encourage the students to explain in words and reflect on their own expectations, learning outcome and experiences during the internship. The activities may either be combined or used separately.

If you have any problems downloading the course as a zip file, please contact Educate@au.dk

Video about the teaching plan: Project placement (English subtitles)


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