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Managing and sharing videos

How to manage videos in Panopto, e.g. how to copy/move, delete and change permissions of a folder.

1. The search function in Panopto

2. Record your teaching sessions

This guide shows you where to download the Panopto program and how to use it to create recordings that will be stored in selected Panopto folders.

3. Livestream your teaching session from your computer

This guide shows you how to use the Panopto program to create a livestream from your computer. This livestream will also be saved as a recording, which you can later edit or delete.

4. Delete/recreate video in Panopto

5. Copy video to another course or another folder

6. Move a video from one folder to another in Panopto

7. Add and edit subtitles on a Panopto video

This guide shows you how to edit subtitles/captions on videos in Panopto. By default, all videos with spoken content will have Danish subtitles.

8. Change the transcription language in Panopto

This guide shows you how to change the language of a folder so that the videos that are uploaded to the folder will have subtitles in the language that is also spoken in the videos.

9. Remove captions from Panopto videos

All captions are auto-generated in Panopto and they are generated to accommodate students with visual impairments, but they are not always correct, to such an extent that they can be misleading. This guide will therefore show you how to remove subtitles for videos in a specific folder.

10. Delete folder in Panopto