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Exam: Memory game for revision

Brief description

This activity helps students to gain a clear idea of, reflect on and express their ideas about a specific topic. The activity can be used to revise for oral exams, or for other purposes.

Motivation for the activity and required outcome

The purpose of the activity is to help the students to create links between reflections and precise knowledge. The activity can also give the students a clear idea of any gaps in their knowledge.

Performing the activity

  • Based on the material you have used for your own preparation, write down 40-60 key concepts from the syllabus with which the students must be familiar. Print them and cut them out to create a stack of cards for a memory game. You should allow about 45-60 minutes for the activity. It is a good idea to repeat the activity several times.
  • Divide the students into groups of three. Explain the rules of the game to the entire class. Each group gets a memory game. The students take turns to pick a card.
  • The person who picks a card must tell the other students everything they know about the concept on the card. Then the other students can add to and comment on the answer.
  • The game continues until the time is up, or until there are no more cards.

Variation options:

  • It might be a good idea to ask the students to help by making the cards for the game.
  • It might also be beneficial to allow the students to take notes during the game. The activity is primarily about gaining a clearer overall picture and practising the art of oral presentation. But some students might appreciate the chance to write down words of wisdom from the other students.

You will need:

  • Your own notes from your preparation
  • Paper
  • Felt-tip pens

    Useful tips:

    • It might be a good idea to include concepts from various levels of abstraction so you can deal with general topics, theories, phenomena and specific individuals. This would mean that all the students could participate on their own level.