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Teacher feedback: Written online feedback by the teacher

Brief description

The exercise facilitates a situation in which feedback on student assignments is made visible in an online service, for instance Word Online. This will enable students to view each other’s submitted work and the feedback provided by the teacher. They must work together to improve their writing skills through online writing collaboration.

Motivation for the exercise and required outcome

The purpose of the exercise is to give the students text-oriented feedback in writing on exercises, assignments and partial submissions. When both submissions and teacher feedback are made accessible to all students, they gain an insight into each other’s work and may learn from the teacher’s feedback to their fellow students. Viewing their fellow students’ products gives them an opportunity to both recognise their own mistakes in other students’ work, harvest inspiration and improve their own written material. This helps articulate academic expectations to students’ assignments that might otherwise be overlooked and potentially creates a space that invites students to reflect more on their observations and ask questions.

Performing the exercise

  • As a teacher you must create a blog or a shared file in OneDrive, to which the students can submit their work.
  • Individually or in groups, the students must prepare and upload their written assignments or other type of task on which you consider it to be interesting to carry out this type of feedback process.
  • As a teacher you give feedback in writing to each student or group. You do so in the open shared online service where the feedback is visible to the other students.
  • You may follow up on this by giving more general feedback and offer any insights from the exercise in your next teaching session.


  • You may encourage the students to comment on your observations during the process and share their own points of criticism regarding their fellow students’ submitted assignments. In this way, the exercise may take the form of peer feedback.


    Examples of practice

      Teaching plans

      Under development

      You will need:

      • You may use co-writing tools e.g. Word Online or OneDrive, forum with a comment function e.g. discussions in Brightspace or a blog e.g. Padlet.

      Worth considering:

      • What should be the volume of submitted work? In case of large classes, it many be difficult for you to give feedback on all the submitted work.
      • How do you handle a situation where students are uncomfortable about their submitted work being criticised in a forum where others can read the criticism?
      • How do you create an atmosphere in which mistakes are permitted and feedback and criticism are appreciated by those involved?