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Clarification of competences: Linking Bachelor’s and Master’s studies

Brief description

In this exercise, the students must link their professional or academic Bachelor’s degree programme to their Master’s degree programme and reflect on how their qualifications from the two programmes interact and what strengths they imply. In addition, the students must communicate an initial competence profile which links their academic background and the competences they have acquired so far to the job market.

Motivation for the exercise and required outcome

The aim of the exercise is for the students to create an overview of the competences they have acquired through the combination of their first and second degree programmes. This gives them an opportunity to consider what their basis is for contributing in a job context. Once they have completed the exercise, they must have created a document containing inspiration which they can use as a springboard when starting the process of writing an application for a future job.

Performing the exercise

  • As a teacher you must distribute Handout 1 (Awaiting translation) to the students.
  • The students begin the exercise by focusing on the strengths they acquired in their Bachelor’s programme and then creating a mind map based on this handout 1 (five minutes). This includes that they consider the question: What can you offer on the basis of the combination of your first and second degrees?
  • The students transfer key points from the mind map to Handout 2(Awaiting translation) (five minutes).

  • You then divide the students into groups of three to four. The students carry out an inspirational round, taking turns to speak on the basis of their key points in handouts 1 and 2. While listening, the other students in the group must write down key points for the information given from Handout 2 (approx. eight minutes).

  • The students must now start writing a brief coherent text for a competence profile (initial) for the job market (30 minutes).

  • Then the students sit together in pairs and take turns to tell each other what they wrote. The student listening may comment, supplement and ask clarifying questions (eight minutes).


  • As a teacher you must end the exercise by following up on the discussions in class. Use for instance the following question as a point of departure: “How do you experience that the competences you acquired in your Bachelor’s degree programme may have had an impact on your newly acquired competences from your Master’s degree programme?”
  • You may combine this tool with the tool for competence spotting. This may support the students’ work with both academic and personal competences during their studies.


    Examples of practice

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      • Download the attached handouts here:

      Worth considering:

      • How does the exercise fit in with the course you are teaching?
      • At what stage in their Master’s degree programme do the students need this exercise?