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Reflection: Questions to Teaching

Brief description

This activity can be used as a framework for lessons. First it can be used to start lessons, helping the students to focus on the topic which is to be dealt with. And finally it can be used to round lessons off – summarising points, asking questions and getting the students to reflect on what they have learned.

The activity should be used at the start and end of a lesson and does not need to take more than 10-15 minutes.

Motivation for the activity and required outcome

Using the activity in your teaching or as an activity between teaching sessions enables you to create a framework to encourage your students to be active, ask questions and put what they have learned into words.

If the activity is used consistently it will become familiar to the students, as well as creating a red thread in your teaching. 

Performing the activity

  • Ask the students to write down five questions for the lesson of the day.
  • When there are about 15 minutes of the lesson left, the students go through their questions with the person sitting next to them and discuss whether their questions were answered. They should also spend a few minutes discussing:
  • What have I learned today?
  • What is still unclear to me?
  • Ask the whole class whether there are still any unresolved questions about the lesson of the day.
  • Discuss whether there are any points that need to be emphasised.

Variation options:

  • You can let the students answer each other’s initial questions – the students swap questions with the person sitting next to them, who answers them in writing.
  • The initial questions can be discussed in class straightaway so there are no unclear elements from the beginning. 


    Examples of practice

      Links and materials for this activity:

      Useful tips:

      • Teachers should decide whether they want to hand out paper and writing implements for this activity, or whether the students should write on their computers.