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Blog post with comments from fellow students

Brief description

In this activity, the students must submit a product in writing as a blog post and subsequently comment on a certain number of posts  by other students. This will help train the students’ academic communication skills and ensure that they discuss topics included in the course.

Motivation for the activity and required outcome

The purpose of the activity is to train the students in written communication about topics included in the course. At the same time, they train their reflexivity and their use of subject-related terminology when commenting on posts written by fellow students. The activity may be seen as an alternative to student presentations in class and also has an inclusive and engaging effect in that it invites the students to be actively involved in the learning process offered by the course.

Performing the activity

  • You as a teacher must introduce the task and the blog media to the students and explain how they should structure their posts. Explain in detail which requirements apply to the finished product.
  • The students must then create and submit their product in the shape of a blog post.
  • As a teacher you choose how many posts each student should comment on and discuss.
  • Finally, you must comment on the student presentations in class or write a summary post on the blog.


  • Feedback may be given in different ways; for instance, different focus points may be assigned to different students, asking them to use these as a basis for their comments.


    Examples of Practice

      You will need:

      • You may create a blog using for instance WordPress or Pages, or you may use Discussions in Brightspace.

      Worth considering:

      • Consider what the students’ role should be before and after the presentations. What should they know in advance, and to what extent should they present or provide their comments in subsequent teaching sessions?