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Evaluation: Sparring on teaching

Brief description

The activity takes place as informal scheduled lunch meetings for all teachers in the section. The meetings form a platform for the teachers to discuss the didactic framework for their teaching, speak about potential challenges and share advice and experiences from their own teaching practices.

Motivation for the activity and required outcome

By participating in the meetings, you as a teacher will learn about your colleagues’ teaching practices and receive input for your own teaching. Moreover, the meetings can create good internal communication and understanding in the section across different subjects, which will hopefully have a positive effect on the students’ experience of the courses. The meetings can also act as a launch pad for developing your own approach to teaching, as well as that of your colleagues.


Perform the activity

  • You as a teacher should take the initiative to invite all teachers in your section to a lunch meeting where you can exchange ideas and experience form your teaching. You may also speak to your head of section, asking them to launch the initiative.
  • Begin by determining time and location, and then send an invitation in Outlook, on Brightspace or some other online platform, providing information about the time, location and purpose of the meeting.
  • The purpose of the lunch meeting is to exchange experience from your teaching practices and to address any potential challenges or “best practices” concerning the didactic framework of your teaching. Remember not to judge each other; the purpose is to have a positive and rewarding dialogue while sharing experiences. The essence is to inspire each other, exchange ideas and provide suggestions for solutions.


  • You may integrate the activity as a repetitive and possibly weekly event throughout the semester aimed at strengthening the internal communication in your section.


    Examples of Practice

      You will need:

      • A device for sending invitations for the lunch meetings, and the mail addresses of all teachers in your section.
      • A lunchroom or other venue for holding the meetings.

      Worth considering:

      • What experience from your own teaching will you share or discuss with your colleagues at the meeting?
      • Do you want to take brief minutes from the meeting and share these with the entire section on an online platform so that the content and outcome of the meeting is accessible by both attending and non-attending teachers?