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Using chatbots to support student’s writing process

Case description

I have composed a supervisory letter detailing how to effectively incorporate AI and natural language processing language models, including ChatGPT, into the thesis writing process. 


  • engage in a dialogue with my students regarding the fascinating phenomena of AI and natural language processing, as well as their practical applications in areas such as the thesis writing process.  

  • Make sure these powerful tools does not intimidate students.  

  • Make sure these tools will not be used without proper understanding.  

Video about the teaching case: "Using Chatbots to support student's writing process"


  • Use the thesis writing process as a unique opportunity for students to gain knowledge and familiarity with these tools, thereby improving their marketability for future job opportunities. 

  • In addition, this presents a valuable opportunity for me to learn alongside my students






I sent the supervision letter to the students. 

The first supervision

During the following supervision meeting, I will bring up the subject and inquire about their experiences with ChatGPT. 

The following supervisions

We will revisit this topic at each meeting to gauge the students' adoption of the tool. 


Upon concluding the thesis process, I will ask the students to reflect on how they employed the tool and where they found it to be most beneficial. 



Supervision letter (See handout under "Links and materials")

Learning objectives

AI and natural language processing models such as ChatGPT have become increasingly accessible and as a result, it is crucial to contemplate how the technology can benefit our work processes while also taking into account ethical considerations and potential limitations. 

With respect to the realm of thesis writing, these tools possess the potential to provide valuable support to students throughout their writing process. Therefore students ought to be educated on: 

  • how to make informed use of these emerging technologies 

  • comprehend their potential and limitations 

  • integrate them effectively into their work processes.  



It is possible that one of our challenges, or even fears, may be that students could potentially over-rely on AI tools. To address this, it is crucial to establish clear boundaries and communicate them effectively. By providing guidance in the supervision letter and meetings and establishing clear expectations, we can help students make the most of AI tools. 

Useful tips

In my opinion, it is advantageous to: 

  • experiment with AI tools firsthand so that teachers can serve as an informed and inquisitive discussion partner for their students. 

  • to maintain an open and curious mindset while conversing with the students about their adoption and use of these tools - we are all in the process of learning together. 

  • stay abreast of the rapidly evolving developments in the field, as what may be effective today may function quite differently next week. 

  • adjust our perspectives and the supervision letter accordingly to new advancements.  

Basic information

The teacher Franziska Günzel-Jesen
Faculty and Institute BSS, Department of Management
Degree Programme Management 
Study level 6. semester BA  + 10. Semester KA
Course Bachelor thesis + Master thesis
Extent Session (hours/days)
Teaching Method Attending to information, communication & discussion
Implementation Spring 2023

Links and materials


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