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Panopto in Brightspace

Here you can read more about how Panopto is integrated into Brightspace. The guides show you how to use Panopto from Brightspace and what different options Panopto offers.

The advantages of using Panopto are that there is good stability in all video playbacks, it is easy to copy videos from one course to another and that regardless of whether you record from your computer or form an auditorium, all videos can be accessed through Brightspace.

NOTE: The first instructions show you how to create a Panopto folder in your Brightspace course, all subsequent instructions are based on the first instructions being reviewed.

1. Create a Panopto folder in Brightspace and get a overview of the functions

This guide shows you how to access the Video service Panopto from your Brightspace course. The first time you do this, a course directory will automatically be created in Panopto. That way, you will always be able to video up in the correct course directory.

2. Upload video to Panopto-folder in Brightspace

3. Insert embedded Panopto video in Brightspace

This guide shows you how to paste specific videos into individual HTML pages or folders. This way, you can more easily control the order in which your students will watch your videos.

4. Create Panopto-folder to videos in Brightspace

This guide shows you how to make your Panopto folder / overview appear in your content menu, where it can also be made visible to your students.

5. Record you teaching session from Brightspace

6. Live stream with Panopto in Brightspace

7. Create Assignment Folder in Brightspace

8. Create and use a Playlist in Panopto