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Reflection: Class Activities using Prezi

Brief description

Prezi can be used in a collaborative activity to help the students to cooperate, think about what they are doing and generate new, shared knowledge. The activity is a good way to keep the students active throughout the entire process, spending their time in a meaningful way by working together to create a resource for their own future use.

The students do not need any advance knowledge of Prezi because it is easy to understand and use. Teachers need to know how to set up Prezi – but that is all you need to know.

Motivation for the activity and required outcome

The use of Prezi in your teaching or between teaching sessions gives the students the opportunity to think about what they are doing and cooperate on a topic, helping them to spot potential new perspectives that can inspire them in relation to a topic or an assignment.

The goal is to help the students to think about what they are doing, and to collaborate with their fellow students. The students also gain a resource to use in the future.

Performing the activity

  • You need to decide whether you want to give the students resources such as texts, videos or other relevant materials to use in preparation for the activity.
  • Before the activity, make a Prezi presentation focusing on a topic which is relevant for the entire class. Present this topic to the class.
  • Then choose (or get the class to choose) a number of themes so that each group gets their own theme to work on. If you want the activity to move in a certain direction, it may be useful for you to choose the themes beforehand.
  • Divide the students into groups. Each group logs onto Prezi. Up to 12 people can be logged onto the same Prezi, so all the groups can work at the same time.
  • The groups now build a resource in the shared Prezi in the form of texts, videos, pictures etc.
  • You need to be present, to walk round the room and answer questions, and to inspire the students.
  • You can stop the students’ work every 30-60 minutes and spend three minutes on a class discussion in which each group explains how much progress they have made. The other groups can provide input and inspiration for further work.
  • Finally, the groups present their parts of the Prezi to the rest of the class. 


    Examples of practice

      You will need:

      • A login to Prezi. It is free to create an account.
      • There are many tutorials for Prezi on YouTube from which both you and your students can draw inspiration. For instance, you can watch a short introduction to how Prezi works:

      Værd at overveje:

      • Skal de studerende have nogle ressourcer (tekster, videoer eller andet relevant materiale), de skal bruge som forberedelse forud for aktiviteten?

      • Hvor længe skal aktiviteten vare?