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Online supervision of students’ major written tasks

Brief description

In this exercise you must provide supervision for your students in an online video conversation. Several students may watch or participate in this type of supervision, which gives everyone the opportunity to learn from each other’s questions and from the supervision og feedback you offer them individually or in groups.

Motivation for the exercise and required outcome

The exercise provides the students with a different type of supervision of their written work. When both written assignments and supervision are made accessible to all students, they gain an insight into each other’s work and may learn from the teacher’s feedback to fellow students. This enables them to share experience and clarifying questions, which may contribute to the other students’ comprehension of the assignment and their own product.

Performing the exercise

  • As a teacher you must ask the students to upload their written work, either individually or in groups, to a platform in which you can easily access and read it.
  • Prepare feedback and supervision as normal.
  • When it is time for supervision, you “meet” with the student or the group in an online meeting. This may take place through a Zoom meeting.


  • You may make a recording of the video conversation accessible to the other students afterwards in for instance Brightspace so that they can review the feedback and learn from this even if they did not attend the video meeting.
  • You may make the supervision open and collective and possibly combine it with the use of opponent groups.

Worth considering:

  • How do you want the students to prepare for the supervision? Should they prepare concrete questions, for instance, or read each other’s assignments in advance?