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Joint seminar

Subject: Dramaturgy and Musicology. Course: All. Study level: All. Size of class: All students and teachers in the department.

Motivation for the activity

Students have asked for more feedback in the degree programmes, which is why a one-day seminar on feedback was organised for both students and teachers at the department. The motivation is that the joint one-day seminar provides teachers and students with a shared understanding of the theme of the day. The purpose of organising a seminar on feedback is that both teachers and students become more familiar with different types of feedback and have the opportunity to discuss the benefits and challenges associated with feedback from both perspectives. Moreover, the event sends a signal to the students that they are being “seen”, and that the teachers at the department are listening to their needs.

Brief facts about the course

The activity involves all courses at all levels of Dramaturgy and Musicology and invites both students and teaching staff at the department to a joint seminar on feedback.

Description of the activity

The seminar was facilitated by development consultants from the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media (CUDiM), and the joint programme was scheduled for three hours and thirty minutes. The seminar programme included:

  • A welcome address and an introduction to the framework of the seminar theme
  • An outline of the framework for the issue to be discussed (students ask for more feedback)
  • A presentation from CUDiM on feedback, including suggestions for using peer feedback in teaching and the potentials and challenges associated with feedback.
  • A plenary discussion on the use of feedback in general in the degree programme.

This was followed by joint activities for students and teachers and a separate programme for the teachers. The programme for the teachers included:

View the programme and slides from the seminar..

Outcome of the activity

Following the seminar, the students and teachers shared a common point of departure and a frame of reference for discussing and proceeding with their use of feedback in the degree programme.

Worth considering

Listen to the topics requested by the students and consider how these topics might fit into a one-day seminar. Not all topics are necessarily well-suited for inclusion in a seminar. It is therefore worth considering what is relevant for both teachers and students.


    Examples of practice

      Links and materials for this example of practice:

      View the programme and slides from the seminar

      This example of practice is developed in connection to "Projekt 1. studieår", where initiatives for retention at the faculty of arts at Aarhus University was mapped.