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Using animation videos in out-of-class activities

Short description

The course teaches the students to explain basic physiological aspects as preconditions for movement, function, physical activity and training. The course includes lectures and classroom instruction.    

Teacher's motivation

Previously, teachers spent much time in class describing and explaining basic physiological concepts. This resulted in a low taxonomic level in lectures. To increase the taxonomic level in class it was necessary to review the specialised subject matter before the lecture. This resulted in an increasing desire to design technology-supported out-of-class activities to improve the students’ preconditions for learning.

Description of the activity

  • The animation videos are used as a technology-supported out-of-class activity.
  • The videos are produced using Explain Everything, which is a user-friendly digital whiteboard tool in which it is possible to write, draw, animate, conduct mathematical calculations and add photos, videos and documents.
  • The teacher uses the animation videos to describe key physiological concepts at a general level.    

Outcome of the activity

The videos increase the students’ understanding of difficult or key issues within physiology. The out-of-class activity helps prepare the students for class, which increases their possibility to follow the class teaching.

Worth considering

  • Students may use videos to acquire an overview of the syllabus and key concepts in their preparation for lectures and as a follow-up activity in the exam period.
  • Flipped classroom focuses on how learning at lower taxonomic levels takes place before lectures, so as to use these at higher taxonomic levels for application, reflection and discussion.

Basic information

  • Faculty: Health
  • Education: Physiotherapist education 
  • Course: Physiology
  • Study level: Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Course sice: 60 students
  • Form of teaching: Lecture
  • Extent: Whole course
  • Primary type of activity: Acquisition
  • Applied technology: Explain Everything
  • How the case was conducted: Campus teaching with the use of digital tools for learning

Links and materials

  • Example of animation video using Explain Everything