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Academic Reading

A Takeaway Teaching course on reading strategies    

Academic reading

The aim of the Academic Reading course is to make students aware of the fact that academic reading is something they need to learn and something they need to plan. The course is structured around three different elements: before reading, while reading and after reading. There are seven activities to enable students to read and process texts.

Developed by Stine Heger (Master of Arts in Rhetoric and Danish) and Helle Hvass (Master of Arts in Rhetoric and French), Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media. 

If you have any problems downloading the course as a zip file, please contact sb@tdm.au.dk

Video about the teaching plan: Academic reading (in danish)


    Examples of practice

      This teaching plan was developed by Stine Heger (Master of arts (MA) in Rhetoric and Danish) and Helle Hvass (Master of arts (MA) in Rethoric and French), CUDiM.