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Panopto in auditoriums

In selected auditoriums there are permanent installations of Panopto equipment that can be used to record and/or stream your teaching to a course. Visit AU's Staff page to learn which locations have Panopto equipment and follow the guides below.

1. Create a Panopto-key

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Follow this guid to create a Panopto key that you can use in an auditorium to record your teaching

NOTE: If you do not have an AU email, you must contact CED support to have a key created.

2. Use the Panopto-key

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To use your key, you must be in one of the auditoriums equipped with recording equipment. You can find a list of which rooms have this equipment here:


To see how to do it, you can follow this guide:

3. Livestream to externals

Note if you use a Mac

If you use a Mac computer to record in an auditorium, you may not see content from your computer. This can often be solved by unplugging the cable that you connect your computer and the room from your Mac, wait 5 seconds, and then reinsert the cable.


If you normally use a laser pointer in your classroom teaching, it is recommended that you get a Logitech Spotlight Presenter. Unlike normal laser pointers, Spotlight is included in your recording, as the laser is a dot that is moved around inside the computer instead of being a lamp that you point with. It also means that you don't have to turn your back to the audience's as you can simply point at your computer screen and then the same movement will happen on the projector and on your recording.

Below can spotlight in function. You can also use spotlight to zoom or highlight something. You can buy a Logitech Spotlight Presenter at AU IT: https://itwebshop.au.dk/en/