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Give us your input to AU Educate

Our ambition is to collect as many relevant inputs as possible from teachers at Aarhus University. We would love to hear from you if you have a good example from your own teaching practice, whether it's in class, supervision, related to exams or how you support student's academic literacy. 

What's the point of contributing?

The purpose of contributing is to inspire your colleagues to develop their teaching practice and try new activities that have already been successful to others. By contributing you can help improve the study environment at Aarhus University. Additionally, you can choose to add your published input to your pure-profile, leading to more dialogue and recognition of your teaching efforts. 

How can you help?

You contribute to AU Educate by describing an activity from your teaching practice that supported student learning. Download and fill out the contribution form. You're welcome to contact us if you need any support in describing your activity or find the best possible angle in your contribution. Email it to Pernille Risør Elving, prelving@tdm.au.dk.

Your input has to contain information about the course and a description of the specific activity or plan in a way that other teachers can perform a similar activity. Furthermore you have to outline your didactic motivation for doing the activity including the outcome of the practice and benefits for the students. You will find the guideline for an example of practice in the contribution form. 



All contributions to AU Educate are written by teachers and librarians at the Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University. You can see a list of AU Educate contributors below.

Anne Engedal


Sven Halse

!!Lektor emeritus

Ana Kanareva-Dimitrovska

Ph.D., Project Coordinator NCFF - Project Manager ECML

Ib Ravn

Associate professor

Karen-Margrethe Simonsen

Associate Prof., Director of the PhD Programme for Art, Literatu

Jakob Steensig

Associate professor, PhD.

Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen

Professor with Special Responsibilities

Ethan Weed

Associate professor

Karoline Barslev

Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Lingvistik, studerende og projektleder.

Julie Bondgård

Studenterinstruktor på Informationsvidenskab.

Peter Yding Brunbech

Leder af Nationalt Videncenter for Historie- og Kulturarvs­formidling.

Jacob Bøggild

Institut for Kulturvidenskaber, Syddansk Universitet.

Tidl. Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Nordisk, Aarhus Universitet.

Jocelyn Hardman

The Ohio State University, Department of Teaching and Learning.

Tilde Mette Juul

Center for Ungdomsforskning, Institut for Læring og Filosofi, Aalborg Universitet.

Vibe Louise Kromann

Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Lingvistik, studerende og projektleder.

Anja Hønnerup Nielsen

Institut for Æstetik og Kommunikation, Lingvistik og Retorik, instruktor i Akademisk Studiekompetence på Center for Undervisningsudvikling og Digitale Medier.

Simone Sefland Pedersen

Institut for Filosofi og Idéhistorie, Idéhistorie, gruppevejleder og fagudvalgsaktiv.


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The photos on AU Educate are from the photo unit at AU Communication and were taken by: Lars Kruse, Jesper Rais, Roar Paaske, Poul Ib Henriksen, Lise Balsby, Anders Trærup, Søren Kjeldgaard, Martin Gravgaard, Maria Randima or Simon Jeppesen. Photos from Colourbox.com have also been used.