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Using screencast video/screen recording for student preparation

Short description

Forensic medicine teaches medical students how to deal with deaths. Focus is on logistics, possible contact to the police and description of injuries. This provides the students with an understanding of how injuries occur in living or dead people, while teaching them about special circumstances when in contact with patients who have been subject to violence and assault.

Teacher's motivation

There was a need to support the students’ preparation of the subject’s key concepts, so that in-class teaching might focus on case work. At the same time, an idea was expressed to make particularly difficult material easier to understand and revise by making videos based on existing PowerPoint presentations. Finally, there was a wish to secure the students’ scientific level through the use of videos.

Description of the activity

The teacher used a screencast program to produce the videos in which the basic concepts were introduced and explained. The videos used existing PowerPoint presentations as a point of departure; these used a combination of images, movement and speech as supporting modalities to activate student learning.    

  • Before the classroom instruction, the students received short video clips on Blackboard which explained the important and particularly difficult concepts constituting the focus of the instruction.    
  • In class, the teacher focused on a higher taxonomic level, because the students had already learnt about the basic concepts in their preparation.
  • The classroom instruction focused on encouraging the students to use the knowledge they had acquired from the videos. This was accomplished through concrete case work.

Outcome of the activity

The students are better prepared and it is possible to start from a common starting point. Each semester, there has been positive feedback from the students, who typically mention that it is nice to be able to prepare in an easy way. However, it is a challenge to get the students to watch the video before teaching when it comes to small class teaching because it is difficult to contact the classes individually. It is also the impression that the students do not always familiarize themselves with Blackboard (NB: Brightspace is now used) before the teaching.

Worth considering

  • Uploading videos to Blackboard before a lecture is a good way of making a flipped classroom, in which the introduction of concepts is taken care of by the students when preparing for class. This means that focus in the classroom can be on using the video content in a learning context.
  • When a teacher is well-acquainted with their material, it is easy to translate a PowerPoint presentation into a video and use multimodal communication including images, movement and speech.
  • It is important to prepare the material to ensure fluent communication and a focus in the video on only providing the students with the most important information.
  • Videos about important and difficult subjects are good for preparing the students before lectures and exams, and they can often be reused in other classes and semesters.

Basic information

  • Faculty: Health       
  • Degree Programme: Medicine (Forensic Medicine)        
  • Course: Gynaecology-obstetrics and paediatrics               
  • Study level: MA        
  • Course size: 200 students divided in classes of 33 students
  • Teaching method: Small class teaching            
  • Extent: Whole course            
  • Primary type of activity: Acquisition        
  • Applied technology: Powerpoint, Blackboard (NB: Brightspace is now used)        
  • How the case was conducted: Campus teaching with the use of digital tools for learning                        

Links and materials

Video with teacher (english subtitles)

Eksempel på video (english subtitles)