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Online exams

Brief description

When an exam is conducted online, it is important to remember that exams must, as always, test the extent to which the students have met the academic objectives.  Although many teachers and students have experience with online teaching, it is important to ensure that students are familiar with both the platform and how it is used in an exam situation.  It is also important that the online teaching activities have provided students with the opportunity to practice exactly what they are being tested on.

Explain and test the exam process 


If the type of examination or the platform used for exams has been changed, it is important that you clearly describe this to the students. It may be a good idea to explain to students how the online exam will test the academic objectives and how it has been underpinned by the teaching activities. Furthermore, it may a good idea to inform students of the new exam process and introduce them to the platform that will be used for the exams. To make sure students feel more comfortable during the exam process, it is a good idea to let students test the format before the actual exam and to let them ask questions about the format and the platform.


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